Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Delicious!!

I'm becoming a gin drinker!

This isn't something that just started to happen, it's something I planned and have been working very hard at since the beginning of summer.

Last June, I was invited to a martini party. I wasn't really a fan of martinis up until then but I decided that I would jump on board. As with every other aspect of my life I started to do a bit of research on the martini.

One thing I found out right away was that there are 2 main types of martini that are prevalent these days. One made with gin and one made with vodka.

The vodka martini is the most popular because it is the easiest to drink. So right away I was kind of  turned off of the vodka. I'm not usually one to do something because it's popular. I then discovered that there is a community of classic gin martini drinkers who look down their noses at the vodka martini because it is not, by definition, a martini.

Eureka! I was sold on the gin! A chance to be an elitist martini snob and prevent myself from becoming too trendy at the same time! Yes sir, I was going to be renowned as the guy who drinks gin. People would say, "See that guy over there? Yeah, he only drinks gin!"

As i continued my research I found that Winston Churchill was a martini drinker. His recipe was as follows:
  1. Stir 3-4 ounces of gin in a glass with ice
  2. Strain into a chilled, stemmed martini glass
  3. Garnish with olive
  4. Look at a bottle of vermouth
This was the recipe I decided I was going to use for my martinis!

The night of the martini party arrived and with it my very first martini. I strayed from the recipe above and actually added vermouth to my first drink. It looked perfect! So crisp. So clear. So refreshing to look at. I tipped the frosty glass to my mouth and took a sip of my new favorite beverage. It was god awful! My eyes popped out and my mouth started to twist and writhe. It tasted like bug spray! The words that came out of my mouth were, "Oh! It's so delicious!" but nobody was fooled.

I worked hard that night! As the evening progressed I added less vermouth until I was drinking straight gin. The taste never did improve nor did the look on my face after each hideous swig.

A lesser man would have given up after that, but not I! Straight Gin! That was going to be my drink!

I'm on my third bottle in four months. The taste hasn't improved in the least however the look on my face after I take a drink has. Enough so that I was prepared to drink gin in public. We went to a local pub and I ordered up a gin martini. I was pretty excited about it so I was crushed when the waitress came back and told me they didn't have the ingredients for a martini. "???" What? They don't have gin? So I'm still waiting on that public martini deal.

My martinis have become less elaborate over time. The olive is long gone! The fancy martini glass has not been used since that very first night. I've sunk as low as to drink them out of a big blue Tupperware cup when we were camping. Now I prefer a regular old highball glass with a few ounces of gin and a big chunk of ice.

So now I'm a hardcore 50's style drinker. I like to sit back on a cool autumn evening beside a roaring fire and slowly sip on a glass of gin on the rocks...and shudder ever so slightly after each sip!


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