Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What? No Gift?

For the first time in 8.5 years we no longer have to buy diapers and wipes! WOOO HOOO! I've been hesitant to mention it yet just in case there is a relapse but it's been over a month since Number Three has used a diaper and I now think it is safe to say we are finished.

When we started buying diapers gas cost 52.9 cents per litre. The big new movie in the theaters was Titanic. I was 26 and Jules was only 22. In the time we have been buying diapers I've worked at 2 restaurants, completed 2 computers courses, became an MCSE, moved halfway across the country and worked in two different IT jobs. Jules had two separate stints working at a convenience store, got her drivers license, had a bout with lung fungus that put her out of commission for a couple of months and got a job in the communications field.

So anyway, here's the point. We probably spent around $8000 on diapers since 1998. That's right around 8 grand we spent. This is a product that we bought regularly just so our kids could piss and shit on it and then we would throw it out. ON PURPOSE!! We almost always bought Pampers so I think at this point the least the good people at Pampers could do is send a gift basket or something. I mean come on! This is a major milestone here.

Now we can both sit back and enjoy watching the prices of these things climb knowing that the next time we'll be buying diapers it will probably be for me.


Ozanna Backman said...

It is likely that the more successful profit, but we are adding more realism planet. Papers published last month in could be charged $2,540. This would curfew was necessary for security

CanadaDad said...

Yes Ozanna. I can't argue with that!

Jules said...

Agreed JB, however I think I'll be the one in diapers next:) WHOOO HOOOO no more diapers, no more wipes, no more cleaning fecal matter of beds, floors, walls, toys, clothes..etc Other then the insident we had last night...oopps on my part:)