Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Can't Collect Me!

I've come to realize that there are two main types of people using Facebook.

The first category, of which I belong, consists of those who use the site, as it was intended, as a means to keep in contact with friends. Friends.

The second category is made up of people who are on a mission to add every single person they have ever come in contact with in the course of their lives. These are 'people collectors'.Their so-called 'Friends' are reduced to the level of a stamp in a stamp collection.

Well, I refuse to be a stamp in someones collection. I'm keeping it real. Only real friends will be accepted on my friend list! The CanadaDad stamp is a rarity. I will not have my friendship whored out to the masses.

In my twisted imagination, I see one of these 'people collectors' looking over one of my friends' lists and seeing me there. They say to themselves, "Wow! It's CanadaDad! I met that guy once and I've never seen him on any lists before! This will make a sweet addition to my face collection!" They then proceed to send out the friend request and wait to be accepted.

Well keep waiting you fucker! You can't collect me!

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