Friday, November 16, 2007


#1 has a bunch of girls in her class with pierced ears. Some have had them pierced since kindergarten. Every couple of months #1 would ask if she could get her ears pierced and we would always say no.

Well, few weeks ago Jules mentioned to #1 that she might be able to get her ears pierced for her birthday next March. Big mistake! After that everything that came out of #1's mouth had to do with getting her ears pierced. She was obsessed with the thought.

So many questions.

Will it hurt?
How much will it hurt?
Where will I get it done?
How will I have a bath when I have my ears pierced?
How will I wash my hair?
How will I sleep after I get my ears pierced?
Do you need to have special earrings for sleeping?
How do they pierce your ear?
Will it bleed?
Why do I have to wait until my Birthday?
Can't I get it for Christmas?

These questions weren't asked over a long period of time either. No way. She would fire out questions like this in rapid succession. She'd keep it up from breakfast until bedtime if you let her. This went on for days.

There was no way we could survive listening to these incessant questions for 5 months with our sanity intact.

We became so buggy with listening to the ear piercing questions that Jules took her in and got it done last week. It was the only thing we could think of to stop the constant babble!

She went to a hair salon and two ladies double teamed her, one on each side. I guess that way they don't have cry baby kids walking out of there with just the one pierced ear. According to #1 it didn't really hurt. Too cool for pain I guess.

Then the deed was done! At last! No more listening to the questions. We could now get on with our lives.

You'd think.

Unfortunately it's still non-stop ear piercing with this kid. The only difference is that it's just a different bunch of questions.

How long do I have to leave these earrings in?
Why do I have to keep cleaning them?
What happens if I don't clean them?
What would happen if I took these earrings out now?
Do I HAVE to keep them in for 6 weeks?
Can I get some different earrings?
Why can't I change my earrings now?
Do I have to get gold earrings?
What happens if I'm allergic to earrings?
Will I be able to put in different earrings for the Christmas concert?


You would think that this kid was the first person to ever have her ears pierced. I wonder how much it would cost to get her lips pierced together?

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