Monday, December 31, 2007

The Garbage Can Is Not For Puking!!

Last night at around 1am I was awakened by one of the worst sounds a parent can wake up to. The sound of vomiting. Definitely not my favorite thing to hear in the middle of the night.

I got up and turned on the bathroom light to aid in my investigation to find out who just puked in their bed and there was #1 already in the bathroom. That was a big relief. I already assumed that a sheet changing and cleanup was going to be required. When a kid actually makes it to the bathroom before puking in the middle of the night it's a real bonus.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that everything wasn't as great as it could have been. #1 was indeed in the bathroom, however she was sitting on the toilet with the garbage can between her legs.

For some unknown reason #1 prefers to sit on the toilet and barf into the garbage. I bet she's done it at least 8 times. It doesn't matter if the garbage can is heaping full, like it was last night. Nope. She is only too happy to toss her cookies right on top of the pile.

My question is why? The only time this kind of behavior is remotely acceptable is if you have the flu or something and your body is voiding itself out of both ends. Otherwise it's just laziness.

There is a perfectly good and easy to clean vomit receptacle right under your ass! All you have to do is stand up and turn around! Barring that, we also have a sink right beside the toilet. It's not my number one choice but it is still much easier to clean up than puke in the garbage can. We also have an option 3 which is the ice cream pail that we keep under the sink for just such an emergency.

I don't really want to complain too much about it. After all, I'd rather she puke in the garbage than puke in her bed.

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