Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camping Weekend Is Coming!

Every summer we partake in a family camping trip. We love camping! It's truly the highlight of our summer.

This year we are going to double our pleasure and take two camping holidays!!

The first one will be happening this weekend.

Friday afternoon we're heading to Kenosee Lake in Moose Mountain Provincial Park in Saskatchewan and we will be returning Monday afternoon, just in time to take in the Canada Day festivities at home.

If you would have told me that I'd be going to Saskatchewan for a holiday I would have said that you were crazy, but here I am! I've never been to Kenosee before but I've heard a lot of good things about it.

One of the big attractions are the Super Water Slides!! I thought the kids would really like that so I decided to check out the website. I quickly decided that we would NOT be doing the water slides as it costs $22 for each person over 7 and $11 for kids under 7!! Water slides are cool and all but I'm not about to blow $100 for a couple of hours of sliding.

Now I'm in the middle of the traditional "longest week ever" at work. Yeah, I'm here physically but most of my attention this week has been focussed on camp preparations. Today, I've put together a menu for the meals we will be eating there as well as a grocery list. I've also put together a list of the gear we will need to pack and a list of items we will still need to pick up.

Now I'm just trying to think of things that we will want to have or do while we are camping. Should I bring the telescope? Are there any games that we should bring? So much to decide!

Needless to say, the kids are really looking forward to Friday. Not only is it the day we leave for camping, it's also the first day of summer vacation! When I was in grade 10 our family left on a holiday the day after school ended and it was awesome. Nothing beats jumping straight into the holidays!

The weather looks good for the weekend with temperatures in the 25-20 degree Celsius range (77F-86F) with no sign of rain. Yet.


Heather said...

When I was a kid, some neighbors of ours used to pay a membership to a campground where you could camp with a tent or an RV or whatever, and it was kind of a wooded area with open fields, and I guess they had nature stuff you could do. However, they had two pools, one indoor, and slides. They also had mini golf, dances at night for the kids, a small store, bathrooms and showers, even a craft room where you could paint pottery or whatever. It was awesome. Not much like real camping I guess, other than sleeping in a tent, and eating trail mix, but it was all included in the cost. I wish I had an idea of where it was located, because that's my kind of camping right there! I know it couldn't have been too wildly expensive bcause they were the second poorest family on the block (after us f course).

Kris said...

So how was the trip? There must have been some craziness you can tell us about!