Monday, December 05, 2005

Chri$tma$ $hopping (or Money Hemorrhage)

This weekend we got most of our Christmas shopping done. We have now bought gifts for everyone on our list who lives outside of our house as well as almost everything for the kids. There are a couple of things left for the kids and "Jules" and I still have to buy for each other. I can't believe we have that much shopping done and it is still only the first weekend in December. First time ever.

Saturday afternoon I was on a mission. I was out much longer than anticipated, like 3 hours, and went to far more stores than I expected, but when I came home I had all of the "out-of-house" shopping done. I also managed to pick up one item for the kids that looked like it might be tough to find later on. I wanted to do a lot of the shopping but I seem to have some sort of internal mechanism that won't allow me to spend large amounts of money on toys and such. It just feels so wrong. Once I got home "Jules" headed out for a run at the kids list. She doesn't have the same issues with hemorrhaging cash that I do. She came back with almost everything on the list and went back a second time to get a few other things. All she had to say afterwards was "I spent A LOT!!"

It would have cost us the same amount to buy it all in short bursts over a long period of time, but it would have felt better psychologically. There is something about seeing it all added up on one bill that just makes you want to puke.

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