Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me!#y Chri@%mas

Well folks, it looks like the end of Christmas as we know it. Apparently someone has discovered that saying Merry Christmas to some people is the equivalent to saying "I hate your belief system and I think you should be exterminated". This isn't just happening to the traditional greetings it is also incorrect to mention the term Christmas tree anymore, instead it should be called the Holiday/Multicultural Tree.


If you don't celebrate Christmas that is totally cool with me. I'm not going to tell Jews to call the Hanukkah menorah a Holiday menorah. Why? Because it is a menorah used specifically to celebrate Hanukkah. Seeing as how the majority of 6 foot evergreen trees found inside people's homes in December are used specifically in conjuction with the celebration of Christmas, I don't see any problem with calling them Christmas Trees. What's next? January's Eve instead of New Years Eve so as not to offend people who use the Chinese calendar. Let's change Labour Day to End of Summer Day so we don't offend the unemployed. Give me a Break!

So, to everyone in cyberspace, "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

And to those who were offended.....Merry Fuck Off!

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