Friday, March 03, 2006

Hoof Hearted?

At work a couple of months ago we J and I were brainstorming perspective "Team Names" for the store sales staff. We had lots of good ideas, none appropriate, but lots that were funny to us. My personal favorites were PEN15 and Hoof Hearted.

Hoof Hearted was so good I wrote it down on our dry erase board and left it there. The trap was set.

The first time we caught someone it was one of the sales managers who had come into our office for some idle chit-chat. While he was talking he was glancing over our list on the dry erase board. He then stopped, laughed and pointed at where I had written "Hoof Hearted". I thought for sure he had figured out the joke, but no. He did the inevitable and read it out loud. "Hoof Hearted?", he asked. To which I replied immediatley, "Not me." J and I then burst out laughing.

It doesn't end there. He then says, "What does that mean? Hoof Hearted?" Again, quick as a flash I reply, "Not me." More laughter from J and myself. Then it clicked. He laughed and went on his merry way.

This was great, I didn't think we would fool anyone with it but there it was. Then it happened again two weeks later.

The owners daughter was back in town from university with her best friend. For some reason they were visiting in our office when the best friend blurts out, "Hoof Hearted?" We were caught totally unaware and didn't have the appropriate response of "Not Me" ready. It was so spontaneous that all J and I could do was laugh. Then she starts to get self conscious and asks, "What?" Through the laughter I said, "Read it again." "Hoof Hearted?" she says. This time I was ready. "Not Me", says I. "Ha Ha Ha!" said J and I. She still didn't get it! You kind of felt sorry for her because she knew we were laughing AT her not WITH her and she also felt really stupid because she couldn't figure out what was funny about Hoof Hearted (not to mention she had never met us before). I think we got her 3 of 4 times and she still didn't get the joke. Finally, we had to tell her to just keep repeating the phrase. After doing this she finally clued in to what she was saying.

That second one was super hilarious and and at the same time a little sad.

I can't wait until the next unsuspecting victim springs our trap.


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