Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Once Upon a Time...We Needed an Ass Kicking!

What a bunch of Assholes! That is all I can think to describe what we did to one of our friend one night.

This was around 1992/93 when a few friends and myself had just rented a house. Actually there were 6 of us renting this 2 bedroom house. One of our roomates, who shall be called "JA", had a job working nights at Burger King. One night when JA was at work his Grandmother stopped by and dropped off an entire Turkey dinner that she'd prepared for JA because she was worried that he wasn't eating properly. It was a welcome gift because we had all been living on butter and bread and oriental noodles for a couple of weeks.

That night we were all drinking and smoking up, because that is what we did then, and rather than save the dinner for when JA got home (the right thing to do) we all decided to eat it without him. We ate it all! What we didn't eat we wasted. What a great joke! We thought it was hilarious. We didn't even save JA a sniff. Not only did we eat all of the food we also defaced his poster of the president, or maybe it was the prime-minister, of Greece (JA is greek). I know that we did some other things to his stuff, but can't remember any specifics. When JA got home from work after 5:00am he erupted. This only made things worse because made it even funnier. One of the other roommates even had the balls to tell him to "Shut the F*ck Up! We're trying to Sleep!"

JA moved out shortly after that. I can only shake my head when I think about this episode because JA was an awesome guy and I stayed pretty good friends with him after that time. Like I said at the beginning: What a bunch of Assholes.

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