Monday, May 01, 2006


You know how annoying it is when someone has a phrase that they use over and over and over again?

Every time you hear the phrase it makes you want to jump up and smack the person in the head. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard. It grates on your nerves. You can't relax because you are on edge waiting for the person to speak the dreaded words. Your like, "Say IT! Say IT! I know you want to! Just do it!" and then as soon as you let your guard down out it pops. AAAAAAARRRGH!

What happens when you are the one that is annoying yourself with some stupid phrase?

I've noticed in the last month or two that I just love to tell the kids to "Smarten Up."

They make a mess? "Smarten up and watch what you're doing!"

They break something? "You don't touch things that don't belong to you, now Smarten Up!"

They do nothing in particular? "Smarten Up!"

If the kids were older they would probably laugh at me. "What's with Dad saying Smarten Up?" "Hey, lets see how fast we can make him say Smarten Up." "Who can make Dad say Smarten Up the most before supper."

Yes, I have a problem. To myself I have only two words of advice: SMARTEN UP!

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