Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dentist Fun

This is the year of the dentist.

For the most part our kids haven't had much dealings with dentists. Number 1 went for a bunch of fillings when she was 2 and this experience resulted in her being terrified of the dentist. She went again a few years later and had a filling done. Also a terrible experience that furthered her aversion to all things dentist. Just a couple of months ago Number 1 was at the point where she would fall to pieces at the mere mention of the possibility of a dentist visit.

This year Number 2 had a tooth that was pretty much melted from decay. I actually thought it was 2 teeth with cavities in between but it turned out to be just the one. This was the point where we finally said, "enough is enough, these kids are going to the dentist and that's that".

We started with a new dentist, this time it was a lady. Number 2 was the first patient (read victim). She went if for her check up and they found that she has 11 cavities. Huh? Well, here we are a couple of months down the road and Number 2 has had her last filling done and is now free and clear until her next check up.

Next Up, Number 1, aka the chicken. It's a lot harder to be a cry baby after your little sister has gone through a handful of fillings. Number 1 went in for her check and had something like 5 or 6 cavities. She had the first filled a couple of weeks ago and she decided that it wasn't so bad after all.

Not to be left out Nubmer 3 woke up one day and it looked like she was holding a tennis ball in her cheek. Off to the dentist. It's an infection from an absesed tooth. Got some medication to clear up the infection and an appointment for a tooth extraction. The extraction happens in a couple of weeks and both parents are required to hold the child down in the chair. Should be lots of fun.

Anyway, each time the kids get a filling they get to pick a toy ring. I think we should have enough for everyones fingers and toes by the time we're all finished. All I can say is I'm glad it's covered by insurance.

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