Thursday, June 08, 2006

Attack of the Cling-On!!

Our house is under siege! We are prisoners in our own home these days. Last week this girl, I'll call her Velcro, showed up at our house. She is the same age as Number 2 and she lives on our block. It seems recently that whenever our kids go outside Velcro is instantly on the scene. This wouldn't be so bad but the kid doesn't leave until you say, "Go Home!"

The first time Velcro came over, she told my kids all about the things she is allowed to do. Like cross the busy street by herself and walk to the park alone. This is just what my kids need to hear. It's hard enough to keep them in the yard as it is. Also, she really wanted to come into the house. I said no because I am a mean Dad. Actually I said that she should probably talk to her mother before going into some strangers house. She said that her Mom didn't mind but I still said no. I did say maybe after supper though. So anyway supper comes and I shoo away Velcro so we can eat in peace. During supper I explained to the kids that Velcro would be allowed to come in and look at their rooms but that they would then be sent outside to play. All went well for a bit but I was constantly chasing them out of the house afterwards. I could understand if it was my kids leading the home invasions but it was Velcro leading the charge every time. What kind of kid does this? One time I busted them coming in and was told that they were coming in because Velcro wanted a cookie. This is where I laid down the law. "Then she can go to her own house and get a cookie. We aren't a free cookie store here." What nerve.

The other day she was over, of course, and at dinner time I opened the door and told the kids that it was time to eat and that Velcro had to go home. Fine. All of my kids come into the house and Velcro walks away. A couple of minutes later I look out the back door and see Velcro peeking around the corner of the fence. Yup, she was hiding next to the garbage dumpster in the back lane instead of walking three houses over to her own home. She must have sense an escape plan.

Now we can't even go to the park in peace. She always finds out that we are going and wants to tag along. "My Mom said I could go." says Velcro. No Shit! What mother out there is going to pass up an hour or so of free child care. Well, just like we aren't in the free cookie business, neither are we in the free babysitting business. Fuck No! I say.

Oh Yeah! I make our kids come inside at 8:00. This gives them a half hour to get ready for bed and such. Well, on the first day Velcro came by, at around 8:00 I told the kids it was time to come in. "Oh, Velcro's Mom said she was supposed to stay here until she comes to pick her up." says Number One. "Oh, really? When is that going to be?" I asked. "I don't know." says Number One. Maybe Velcros Mom should have said something to me about this. Anyway I gave her 10 minutes and said if her Mom hadn't come back that Number One was to come inside. I don't know if her Mom picked her up or if she just went home but Number One was in the house shortly after this.

This last weekend Velcro tried the same trick on Jules. She got about the same reaction. Too bad, so sad. Beat it!

I can't get over the nerve of this kid. She is obviously watching our house like a hawk. If I can get my hands on a child sized mannequin I can use it as a distraction. I can throw it out the back door while we all run out the front.

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