Thursday, June 01, 2006

Smoke Weed If You Want To Live

I saw an article on CNN the other day about some experiment that was done to prove that smoking marijuana increases your risk of getting cancer. It turns out that, not only does it NOT increase the risk of cancer, it shows signs of protecting you from getting lung cancer. I guess THC kills aging cells and keep them from becoming cancerous. Damn that THC is wicked good! Anyway these scientists were positive that smoking herb gave you cancer and they were going to use the results to further educate people about how
dangerous pot can be. Oooops!

The federal health and drug enforcement officials in the US have been using this same scientists previous research to make the case that chronic is bad for you. That should make it a little tough for the US government to discredit his recent findings since they have already put so much weight on his research in the past.

Man, I love seeing that shit happen.

Puff,Puff,Give. It Could Save A Life.

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