Monday, August 21, 2006

Enrich Your Word Power! For Sure!!

Is it just me or is "For Sure!" the new "Totally!"

In my job, I have a lot of contact with retail and corporate sales people and I've noticed that every single one of them uses 'For Sure' in place of the word 'Yes'.

I noticed it creeping into the work vernacular last year at one of our staff meetings. We have weekly meetings and when our meetings end early we all get to sit around and watch the sales staff do 'Role Playing'. This is where one staff member acts like a customer and a second one plays the salesperson. I was watching one morning and heard the following dialogue.

Store Rep: Hi my name is 'Muffy'. What brings you into the store today?

Customer: I was interested in getting high speed internet

Store Rep: For Sure! For Sure! We can help you with that. What package were you considering?

Customer: Oh, just basic high speed

Store Rep: For Sure! For Sure! We can do that for you.

and so on and so on.

The only thing that could possibly sound stupider than starting your sentences with 'For Sure!' would be the above double "For Sure". I guess that just means exceptionally 'For Sure!' or doubly 'For Sure' or maybe they think it sounds so good that it needs to be repeated. Ever since that day it's been a pet peeve. It makes me cringe everytime I walk by and hear it spouting from their stupid lips. Why not say 'Like, Totally!' This sounds equally vacuous. I swear when I walk across that sales floor it sounds like a fricking chicken coop with all the 'For Sures' going around.

I just heard our Corporate Sales guy talking to a client and in the space of a 3 minute call he must have said 'For Sure' a dozen times. I'm not exagerating!

I've noticed lately that this phrase has worked it's way out of the business world and into the general public. Now I have friends saying 'For Sure' to me all the time. LET'S STOP THE INSANITY!!!!

Listen up people!!! Saying 'For Sure' isn't cool. It doesn't make you sound smart. It makes you sound stupid. It people one thing and one thing only. It says, "I can't think of any synonyms for the word 'Yes'". So if you are one of these people I'm going to help you out.

Here are some acceptable alternatives: Yes, Of course, absolutely, positively, that is correct, I agree.

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