Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lottery Dreams!!

I saw a thread on a forum the other day that asked, "What would you do if you won the lottery?"

The responses were all the typical bullshit replies!!

Two people said that they would give a large portion of their winnings to the local Humane Society.

Some other guy replied that he would donate HALF to International Music. He went on to say, "Other causes I would support include music education for getting the more pricy low brass instruments and maintence of them, eplisy research, aid for the famine situation in Africa making sure the $ goes to where its needed! and help out atleast one student who needs help paying for their tutition for university / collge who fall through the cracks of not getting a student loan."

I'd give mine to charity. I'd help the starving children. Blah, Blah, Blah!


Are these people running for Jesus or something? Especially the second guy. What is he trying to prove? Although I do agree that we need more research into this "eplisy" business. In fact I think that guy should spend his money on an eplisy public awareness campaign, as I have never even heard of it. I wonder if it is anything like epilepsy? I do love his priorities however. First, International Music, then musical programs, then eplisy research and with whatever is left I will aid the famine in Africa. I'm sure the starving children in Sudan really appreciate that gesture.

Why do people feel the need to bullshit when it comes to this question? Do they think God is listening and He'll be all like, "Wow! Finally someone who wants to do good with their lottery winnings! Thou deservest large sums of money. Thou shalt win the lottery! ZAP!"

Or maybe its some kind of attempt at fucking with Karma. They act like they have all these great intensions just long enough to fool the Karma police into granting them a winning ticket at which point they take it all back.

I'd like to see these posts become legally binding so that if these jerks ever did win a lottery, they would be required by law to fulfull the obligations of their post. Then we would certainly see the shit hit the fan.

Well, I'm not trying to fool anyone. So without further adieu here is what I would do if I won the lottery:

I would spend all of the money on myself and my family. We would buy houses, cars, electronics, toys, clothes, servants. We would travel. The kids would be horribly spoiled. I would release the hounds on anyone who showed up out of the blue looking for a handout, (old friends, old acquaintances, charity collectors, whoever) and I would laugh as they scrambled to escape the fury of my dogs.

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