Monday, November 06, 2006

The Easter Bunny

This Blog is dedicated to "Number One's" best buddy as a kid, the Easter Bunny.

One day a little stuffed bunny rabbit came to our house. The bunny lived quietly amongst "Number One's" other toys for a while without being really noticed. Then one day I picked the bunny up and started moving its head around and talking in a silly bunny voice. From that moment on that toy bunny became known as "The Easter Bunny" favorite among all toys.

The Easter Bunny never strayed far from "Number One's" side. They slept together, they ate together and they played together.

When something scary came up, like a trip to the dentist to get knocked out and have a handful of cavities filled, it was the Easter Bunny that helped her be brave enough to get through the ordeal.

Plane trips, car rides, ferry rides. Easter Bunny was there through it all. "Number One" had a great time with that rabbit and I also had a great time as the voice of the Easter Bunny.

Today the Easter Bunny sits on top of our fridge. Her head is held on with safety pins and a few remaining threads. She has lost a bit of her stuffing and is thread bare in a more than a few places. Her fur is no longer the bright white it was in the early days. She is just a sad reminder of the days when all my little girl needed to be happy was a silly voice and a stuffed doll.

I now realize that it has been a very long time since I've done the Easter Bunny voice. How does something so cherished become so easily forgotten? There was a time when I couldn't imagine "Number One" without the Easter Bunny. Now I have trouble remembering the times when she couldn't go without it. It really makes a person take note and place some value on these kinds of things before it's too late. "Number One" is only 8 years old but it seems like forever since she was that little girl....and at the same time it feels like it was only yesterday.

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