Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Sixth Christmas

I was at the Mall today when I realized that they were already in full Christmas mode. I've also noticed that since November 1st all of the Christmas flyers and commercials have started popping up. It looks like Christmas is going to be running from Nov 1 to Jan 2 this year. We're talking 2 full months now. That's one sixth of the year!! One sixth!!

When I was a kid it was always the U.S. Thanksgiving that started things off. It was almost as if the holiday was ushered in by the Macy's Santa Claus or something. I can remember looking forward to their Thanksgiving just because it meant the start of Christmas advertising. In those days we were looking at about 5 weeks of Christmas. What's happened here? I would hate to end up in a situation where everyone is sick and tired of Christmas by the time it arrives.

No wonder they call it the holiday season. It lasts almost as long as any other season of the year. If we keep this up the Christmas in July sales are going to start running into the actual Christmas sales? Can you imagine being one of the many people who don't celebrate Christmas and having to endure getting it forced down your throat for a sixth of the year?

Like I said, I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next guy but I think we could all make it by on one twelfth Christmas.

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