Friday, January 05, 2007

Detox Day Three

I now have day three under my belt.

Yesterday wasn't too bad. Still not much of an appetite and still get nausea every now and then. The time after work was pretty good because I was able to keep myself occupied for most of the night.

We went to the library after work, then had supper. After supper I kept myself occupied by working on a model of a 1964 Impala. After the kids were in bed I did my first workout since the holidays, which felt good because I've been feeling really guilty about needing to get back into my workout routine. I was also hoping that a workout would make it easier for me to sleep. After the workout I read for a bit and watched a good show about Winston Churchill and then tried to go to sleep.

Sleeping has still been the worst part of this whole process. I really can't believe how much quitting pot has impacted my sleep. Another fitful night of constant waking and sweating. What is with these night sweats anyway? They always seem to kick in right before I go to bed. I really look forward to not having those anymore. Don't know how long it will last.

I found a really good forum that is full of people just like me. It seems that night sweats and problems sleeping are universal among all of us who are kicking the chronic.

This weekend should be interesting, since in the past I've spent my weekends stoned pretty much from 5:15pm on Friday, right through to bedtime Sunday. I should try and think of a project for this weekend.

One of the biggest disappointments I had with quitting smoking cigarettes was the lack of improvement in regards to my asthma. I'm hoping giving up the herb will do the job. My lungs seem to be doing better and I've been coughing up some big, thick nasties lately. I'll have to wait for a longer period of time to see if this is due to the quitting or not (I usually have good stretches and bad stretches with my asthma). Really, I can't see it being anything but better for my lungs.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with myself. It's funny, when you quit drinking or quit smoking you get a lot of encouragement from friends and family and it tends to help quite a bit. With quitting drugs it's totally a solo effort. It's not like I'm going to walk into work and announce, "Hey, everyone I haven't smoked any dope in three days!" Somehow I don't think they would be very enthused about that. Aside from Jules and a few close friends, nobody knows that I smoked pot, let alone how much and how often I smoked it. The only people who know that I've quit are Jules and you kind folks who drop in for a quick lurk.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to record the last time I smoked up for future reference. On New Years eve I announced to Jules that I was quitting. That day I got my last eighth. After all, I didn't want to finish the holidays in withdrawal! I decided that I would quit when work started on Jan 2. On the morning of the 2nd there were still a couple of small nugs left from the eighth. I chopped it up and smoked it at about 7:30am, before I went to work. That was the beginning of the end.

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I am very proud of you:)