Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Three Weeks, No Buds!!

Well here I am at three weeks since quitting weed. The dreams are kicking up like crazy but I am still having trouble sleeping, or maybe it just feels like I'm not getting a good sleep because the dreams have been so active. I've had quite a few dreams where I'm smoking pot and am always relieved when I wake up and find out that I'm still going strong with the quitting.

Last night I had a bumper crop of dreams and they were all pretty strange, so here they are:

In the first dream I was at work when I noticed that the grain elevator down the street had been partially destroyed, as if it had been bombed. I guess that would be from the book I was reading last night right before I went to sleep. It was dealing with the extensive bombing of Germany by the Allies. This dream didn't really go anywhere. I remember speculating with a guy at work about whether they would tear down the building next door when they leveled the elevator because it was in pretty bad shape as well.

The next one featured an orange and purple truck crashing through our yard and smashing our fence through the living room window. The angle that he hit at was totally impossible as he would have had to go through the front porch, but who said dreams need to be acurate. After he smashed through the window he was trying to back out which was causing the fence to move back and forth in the window frame. I went outside to get the guys license plate number ( it was GX XXX) and then walked across the street to report it to the police who just happened to be at the gas station.

Next I was walking home with my friend Muskyslayer. For some reason my legs weren't working very well so it was a pretty tough hike. Although we were walking on a bike path, there was a lot of jungle growth to get through and some seriously difficult terrain. If that isn't weird enough, the entire time we were each carrying a large steak (this beef thing is getting out of control). Not just carrying it but holding it in BBQ tongs and cooking them along the way. Every now and then I'd slap my steak down on the ground or on some jungle growth and there it would sizzle away, I'd then pick it up in my tongs and off I went again. I was getting seriously pissed at Muskyslayer because he kept picking up my steak with his hands. The Nerve!

Next it was our neighbors. They came over to borrow our car (we have a van, but in the dream it was a car). For some reason they could not back it out of the driveway. It was as if they kept turning the wheels in the wrong direction. They kept hitting our house and the house across the lane. At one point the hood crumpled up. Man, did I ever LOSE IT!! They're lucky it was just a dream because I let loose some pretty harsh insults.

Finally, I found myself at one of my old friends houses. I haven't seen this guy in about 17 years but there I was. He had a pair of golden skates that belonged to somebody famous and he gave them to me. The problem was that they were in a bunch of pieces and I had to put the skates together. Also at his house there were a bunch of people smoking weed. So I basically sat on the floor toking away and trying to assemble those damned golden skates.

No wonder I feel tired in the morning. If nthing else, these dreams are entertaining!

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