Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm On A Beef Bender!!

I'm not a big beef eater. I do eat quite a bit of ground beef but that's about it. For some reason I'm just not a big fan. Does that make me less of a man? I don't eat roasts, steaks, ribs or any of that (maybe a cut of primerib once a year for a special treat). The same goes for pork. No pork roasts, tenderloin, pork chops, ribs or anything like that. As far as I'm concerned the only good cuts from a pig are bacon and ham.

Anyway, back to the beef. Last Friday at work we went out for our weekly "Friday Lunch Club". We went to a place called the Beef and Barrel where the lunch special was a steak sandwich. We all order the special and damn was it good. I'd go so far as to say we were even overly-satisfied with our lunches.

That night for dinner Jules had picked up the fixin's for beef dips. Beef two times in one day! Why that's unheard of but it worked.

It didn't end there. Saturday Jules whipped up an awesome beef stew. MMMMMmmm MMMMMmmm!!! That was some good stew. I wish I was eating it right now.

Sunday for lunch I had a BBQ beef and cheddar sub and then for dinner I couldn't stay away from the leftover stew for supper.

Today I am having a beef and cheese sandwich. When will it end? This is my fourth day chasing the beef dragon. I keep waiting for the crash.

I never realized that beef had such crack-like properties. I went from zero beef to a full on beef frenzy and it was all triggered by that steak sandwich. They must be putting something into their meat at the old Beef and Barrel.

Listen up cows. This is your warning. You'd better watch your back. I don't know when this beef eating rollercoaster is going end. You could be next!!

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