Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weedless Week Two

Two weeks in and still no weed.

At this point I should be enjoying the financial benefits of not blowing money on pot, but noooooo. Our van crapped out on us last week and the repair bill was an incredible $736. So, last week was a little bit stressful. No, van for a week is pretty hard on a family of five when the temperatures outside are in the -40's C.

I mentioned to Jules that if I was still smoking pot I would have been unbearable last week. Here is what I would have expected:
  • Angry about the van breaking down.
  • Angry about the cost of the repairs.
  • Angry because there would be no money for weed.
  • Guilty because I would have eventually bought weed (probably using money that should have been for food or somthing much more important than dope).
  • Any pot I might have scored, I would have smoked faster for the above reasons, leaving me back at angry because there is no money for weed.
So, although I still haven't experienced the financial benefits of quitting pot, I have experienced the emotional benefits.

Cravings have really not been an issue at all. I don't think about it constantly anymore. In fact I almost forgot that today was a milestone day. I'm dreaming every night. Nothing really noteworthy, but it is odd for me to have dreams so consistently. Sleeping is getting better and I'm back into a regular exercise routine.

One downside to report is that I have had very little patience lately. Whether it is with dealing with someone or doing some task that isn't going my way I've been getting easily frustrated. Oh well, something to work on I guess.

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