Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What do you do with Ten Feet of Snow? Pollute It!

Last week upstate New York got hit with around 10 feet of snow. I don't know about you, but to me that's a lot of snow! Personally, I would love to experience that kind of a storm. It would be like a city wide snow day. Imagine the monster snow forts you could build. You could go sledding off your roof. I think it would be just plain awesome!

That said, there were some things about the way the New Yorkers chose to enjoy the snow that just made me shake my head.

First there were the people spray painting the snow. What is that all about?? Why would you do that? I could see it if you'd made a snow sculpture and wanted to add color to it, but for the most part people were just painting graffiti on the sides of snow banks. I see a couple of major things wrong with this concept.

First, how messy is that paint going to be when you accidentally rub up against it. Great now you get to have a big blue spot on the back of your white coat. That's nice. Not to mention every single kid in the neighborhood is going to be drawn to the paint like a moth to light. Thus coming home covered in various colors of paint.

Secondly, there is a right way to paint snow and a wrong way to paint snow. If you simply must paint your snow, the right way would be to mix food coloring and water in a spray bottle and use this as your "paint". The wrong way, the way I was seeing people on the news do it, is to grab a can of spray paint from the garage and start blasting the snow with it. For some unexplainable reason people don't see anything wrong with this. In fact they are proud of it. They stand next to their polluted snowbank, holding their aerosol can of spray paint (for use on metal surfaces) with a big shit eating grin on their face like they just fired off the Mona Lisa.

The media, meanwhile is eating this shit up! Nothing more wholesome than that. Not me, I'm standing there going WTF! If they like that then I'd like to invite the crew of CNN out this spring to film some footage of me standing in the rain, emptying a can of paint into a puddle of water and see how wholesome that shit is! Or, better yet, maybe I'll just dump it right onto the lawn! What's the difference?

Another odd thing I saw was a story about some guy who had built a snow bar in his driveway. Is that even legal?? These guys were selling alcohol, without a permit, while every kid in the neighborhood was hanging out in his yard. Again, WTF!! Apparently when there is a blizzard in New York the law no matter applies. And again the folks at CNN are eating it up.

Would this be acceptable without the blizzard? Not bloody likely! The media would jump all over this guy if he tried to pull that stunt in the summer.

A couple of weeks ago when 'The View' aired a show that mentioned mothers having a glass of wine at play dates it started up such a shit-storm that they had to address the issue in the following episode to put out the frenzy of outrage.

Imagine if the show had mentioned play dates where the venue was some dudes driveway and ALL of the kids in the neighborhood were encouraged (they had a "kids bar" set up as well) to come by and play, while the host sold liquor to the neighbors. Shit! We'd still be hearing about it.

I guess that's just a few more items to add to the "I can't believe this shit" file.

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