Thursday, February 15, 2007

Survivor My Ass!

I've been a fan of the reality series "Survivor" since it's first season. Each following season, however, has consistently sucked a little bit harder.

In the beginning you could actually see the survivor element in the show. Whenever they interviewed the contestants they always said the same thing. They were starving. They were weak. They couldn't think straight. Now that's what Survivor should be about!

I ask you, how long has it been since anyone has eaten a rat? By the end of the season the contestants looked like they'd survived being stranded on a deserted island. Now they just have a really good tan.

It seems like the contestants are alway provided with food (at least a few bags of rice) right from the start and they are put in areas where there is fruit in abundance.

And what is with all the extras?! Pillows, blankets, building supplies, outdoor toilets! Give me a break. That's not Survivor, that's just camping without matches! Nothing more.

In the early episodes people fell into fires and got stung by sea urchins, you know serious survival stuff. Two seasons ago a contestant was knocked out of the game because he was 'all-bunged up'. Probably from eating too much beans? And don't miss tonights exciting episode that promises to feature a horrible injury when one of the contestants falls out of his hammock! Ooooohhh, don't want to miss that! (sadly, I'm completely serious about the hammock thing!) What's else? "On the next survivor, Bill stubs his toe on an ottoman!"

If I had been one of the original Survivors, I'd be pissed off that these posers are being put into the same category as me. The early seasons featured Survivors these last few season have featured nothing more than game show contestants. It's no wonder people aren't as interested anymore.

This season is only one show in and already it looks like the worst one yet. Come On!! Building supplies, plans and an architect! Now that's a realistic portrayal of being shipwrecked alright! This season could very well mark the end of my interest in this series.

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