Friday, March 09, 2007

Party Time! (100th Post on Average Life Spam)

This weekend we will be having "Number One's" 9th birthday party (in order to save typing, from here on out I will refer to the kids simply as '#1','#2' and '#3') . This year we managed to get out of having the big expensive ordeal that we usually have to endure.

This time we gave '#1' two options for her party:

1. The standard birthday party with 8 friends or so at a bowling alley or swimming at a hotel or something like that which usually lasts for a couple of hours.


2. She could have two friends come over. They go out for dinner and a movie and then have a sleep-over.

It think it's pretty easy to guess which option she went with.

So we get away with a much simpler party experience. No reservations. No horde of maniacal kids to deal with. No major expense. No dealing with a bunch of parents. Just a normal sleepover times 2.

For most of the night they won't even be in the house. They'll be eating and doing the movie thing. This should keep them busy until around 8:30 or 9:00. Then they get home, act stupid for a while and hopefully go to sleep without any major ordeal. As an added bonus, the time change happens that night so we actually get off the hook an hour earlier! Then in the morning they have some breakfast maybe watch a little TV and then we ship them off home.

It seems like a pretty simple plan. We'll see if it works out as well as we hope.

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