Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring is Springing!

I've had enough of winter, I want spring!

Don't get me wrong I like winter a lot. I'd say I probably like winter more than the average person, but by March I've usually had my fill.

During the last week of February we were getting some pretty decent temperatures. It was even getting to near the freezing/melting point for a couple of days there.

On March first, one week ago, we had a blizzard come through and we got a ton of snow.

Generally I'm all for snow and I wasn't complaining about it. Sure, on the inside I was thinking, "Why couldn't we get a storm like this in December or even January?", but I was definitely not complaining. I was just starting to think that spring was on its way when the blizzard struck. Nothing stops thoughts of spring faster than a couple of feet of snow.

Today I was walking to work when all of a sudden everything got bright. The sun had come up. Not only did it come up, it actually felt warm. AHHHHHH SPRING!

Now the snow is melting like crazy.

Last week, at work, we all watched 3 tow trucks trying to pull out a 4X4 truck that had gotten stuck in the blizzard. In the process one tow truck got stuck and had to be winched out by one of the other tow trucks. It was quite the performance. They were out there for a good 2.5 hours before they got that guy out! Today, that same parking lot is bare pavement.

That's the funny thing about Manitoba. We might have long winters but our spring only lasts for about 3 weeks. And then just when that last little bit of snow melts and you start to pack away the winter coats and boots we get hit with one more bug dump of snow.

But for today, you can smell the spring in the air. It's energizing. Time to start peeling off the layers of clothing! Time for puddle-jumping! Time for the first robin to show his face! YAY SPRING!


Phil said...

Im the same as you when it comes to liking winter. Its summer here in australia so we are about to go into autumn which is pretty good.

CanadaDad said...

I hear you spud. I'm a pretty big fan of autumn as well as winter. Great time of year for hiking in the bush.

You may have noticed my new Neocounter. I noticed it when I was visiting your blog and thought it was so cool that I had to have one myself. It's awesome.