Thursday, April 05, 2007

OH NO!! Blogger Is Shutting Down For Good Next Month!!

No Blogger is NOT shutting down, it's just another attention grabbing headline!

Today for lunch we went to a Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Zone.

I was apprehensive as hell about going there. I was all set for Applebee's!

I ordered the 'Sushi Lunch', which consisted of 4pc sushi, rice, salad and California rolls.

I've seen sushi on TV and I was expecting that it would be a small piece of raw fish, surrounded by rice and wrapped in a piece of seaweed. No big deal all the wrapping would disguise the raw fish. It turns out I was wrong. What do I know about Japanese food?

First of all they weren't wrapped in anything it was just a big slice of raw fish sitting on top a small ball of rice. Did I mention that they were big? I'd say about the size of two fingers each. My four sushi pieces consisted of two pieces Sake (salmon), one piece of Maguro (tuna) and a piece of Tai (red snapper). Putting that stuff into my mouth went against every natural instinct in have, but I ate them dammit! If nothing else I do have a sense of adventure when it comes to food. I will try anything once! It wasn't bad but it wasn't delicious either. It was just sushi.

The salad and the rice were just what you would expect. Nothing strange there. The California rolls were a little interesting. There was cucumber, avocado, rice and seaweed. This is what I was expecting the sushi to look like. I put a little wasabi on top and ate it down. I noticed something else in the mix. It was some kind of meat and it was pinkish. At this time I started to get a little worried because I'm allergic to shrimp and lobster and a lot of different shellfish. I took this opportunity to ask the waitress what exactly it was that I was eating. It turned out to be Real King crab. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm allergic to crab. I decided to eat it anyway (so far I haven't noticed any bad reaction). It wasn't my cup of tea either.

One of the other guys really hated everything. He ordered a teriyaki chicken lunch special and basically just ate the chicken and rice. He really didn't like the California rolls. They made him gag!

All in all I'd have to say that I'm not a fan. I'm glad I ate the sushi just so that I can say I did try it, but I don't think I'll be eating it again anytime soon. It didn't really satisfy me like a regular meal and I was constantly worried that I would end up eating something that I was allergic to. It was more like an adventure than a lunch. But definitely no regrets. As I said earlier, I'll try anything once.

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