Monday, April 30, 2007

Vancouver Canucks: I Love To See Them Lose!

Growing up I used to look forward to cheering against the Montreal Canadiens every spring. It happened every playoffs. I'd cheer for the Boston Bruins (assuming they made it to the playoffs) and maybe a couple of other teams, but I always cheered for whichever team was playing against Montreal.

Well the Canadiens will be relieved to find out that they have been replaced as my favorite team to see lose. My new Montreal is the Vancouver Canucks.

My dislike for the Canucks started with their playoff run in 1994. All of a sudden fans started to come out of the woodwork all over Canada. These kinds of people make me sick. Some team makes it to the finals and all of a sudden they happen to be everyones favorite. Even people who don't know the difference between a puck and a cheeseburger are on the bandwagon. Next you see pennants, jerseys and flags everywhere you turn. Where were these assholes 3 months ago!

This dislike was further enforced when Vancouver lost that same year in game 7 against the Rangers. There was a huge riot in Vancouver that saw $1.1 million in damage, complete with smashed windows, tear gas and rubber bullets. I knew that Vancouver fans were sore losers but I never realized that they were such big babies. The riot was nothing more than a collective temper tantrum. Kind of makes you proud to be a Canadian.

When I lived in BC I got an up-close look at the typical Canucks fan. I was surrounded by them. The Canuck fans are the most die-hard fans in the NHL. As long as the Canucks are winning, that is! When they aren't winning the west-coasters, HATE the Canucks. They bitch and moan and call them all sorts of names and stop watching the games. They basically give up on them and turn their backs on the team. But if they start to turn it around the fans flock back in droves as if they'd been with them all along. Lousy fair-weather fans!

So now I'd rather seen any team win the Stanley Cup over the Canucks.

It has nothing to do with the team themselves. The team is perfectly fine. It's the fans. In my books the fans of the Canucks are the shittiest fans in the league and they don't deserve to have a winning team. Hell I'd rather see the cup go to Montreal again!


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beth@wolfsong said...

I'm jumping right in beside you on this one... well, most of it, anyway. I live on Vancouver Island but grew up in Calgary. I'm a die-hard Flames fan. 'Nuff said.