Thursday, May 31, 2007

El Destructo!

#3 has reached a period in her life where she is constantly doing bad things. She still looks sweet and innocent on the outside but this kid has the devil inside of her.

It seems like every day when I get home she has been involved in some kind of crime spree. Something is broken, soiled, missing or otherwise wrong. Nothing major just little things.
  • One night I caught her standing on a dresser on the other side of the room when she was supposed to be sleeping.
  • She has got into Jules's makeup kit and smeared makeup all over the carpet.
  • When having a bath she has dumped out entire bottles of shampoo into the water.
  • The other day the toilet paper holder had been broken off the wall because she was standing on it!
  • She was busted running out into the street.
  • She's been known to yell at innocent pedestrians from her bedroom window.
  • She has repeatedly stolen other peoples Drumsticks.
  • One day she stuck up behind #2 and shoved her so hard I though she was going to give her whiplash.
  • I came home from work one rainy afternoon to find the digital camera sitting outside on the steps. She said she didn't do it but guess who had a bunch of self portraits on the memory stick.
  • She's punching and kicking #2 (although she likely deserves it).
  • I was making school lunches for the kids and noticed that someone with a very small mouth had taken a bite out of every single slice of ham.
This is but a small sampling of shit that has gone down at our place in the last couple of weeks.

You see, it's not about doing something wrong by accident with this kid. She knows the difference between right and wrong. She just prefers to choose, wrong. She's a rule breaker. A rebel without a cause. I imagine she walks around all day with 'Breaking the Law' by Judas Priest going through her head just looking for something to wreck.

Jules has lost 2 bank cards in the last week at our house. I bet #3 took them and is sneaking out and skimming cash out our bank account to fund some illicit operation.

I remember when #2 went through the same stage. I think I lost half of my stuff with that kid! Now it's #3's turn to take a walk on the dark side. Hopefully this will be the last time we have to go through this rash of senseless and random destruction.

We could be facing a long summer.

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