Friday, May 18, 2007

Family Fun Or Disaster In The Making?

This weekend is a long weekend! I was mulling over the idea of going to the Turtle Mountains to do some fishing. Jules thought it would be fun for everyone to go and have a picnic and all that kind of stuff. Sounds good to me. I'm sure the kids would like that.

Oh yeah, I forgot, '#1' doesn't like anything these days.

Yesterday she piped up and said, "I'm sleeping over at "so-and-so's" house tomorrow. To which I replied, "How can you be doing that when we're going to the lake for fishing and a picnic for the day on Saturday?"

"Awww! I don't want to go!" Which soon turned into, "I'm not going!" You'd think I'd suggested we go out and bath elderly invalids!

I said that she didn't have to go with us if she could stay at her friends house until later in the afternoon on Saturday, but I don't think the message was getting through the wall of sulk. She just kept repeating, "I'm not going!"

Then she switched tactics. She started make a case against going because there were going to be wood ticks. At this point trying to come up with any reason to stay at home. "Well that's fine,you can sit in the van then."

Later she was talking to her friend and it turns out she isn't going to be sleeping over anyway.

Now it was getting harder to complain, the excuses were really getting hard to come by. I have not doubt she will come up with a bunch by the end of the day.

This morning she asked me, "When we go fishing, can we use a boat?"

I answered, "No. I don't know if you've noticed but we don't have a boat."

She replied back with, "I know."


I guess she expects that we will just go and pick one up on the way out of town. I have a feeling she was just throwing that out there to see if she would work with it in any way. Kind of like brainstorming some potential complaints.

I know the other two kids are looking forward to a day out but I have a feeling that '#1' will try and sway them by telling them that they will be eaten by bugs and swarmed by wood ticks or something equally terrible.

She would much rather do what she normally does, sit in the house all day and complain about stuff. Well this weekend is a special treat for everybody. Now she can gets to spend the day outside complaining about stuff.

I wasn't expecting her to start acting like this until she was 12 or so! Camping this summer should be a real treat for everyone. How long until we can just leave her at home??

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