Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Timmies Hating!!

When I see someone carrying a Tim Horton's coffee to go, it raises my hackles. If they start to talk about how much the love their "Timmies", it just makes me want to throw that coffee right in their face and I have to turn and walk away.

You would have thought I'd have gotten over my Timmies hate by now. Let me clarify, it's not the Wendy's owned chain of coffee shops called Tim Horton's that I hate, rather it's the legion of losers who have nothing better to do with their lives than fuel some absurd obsession with a half-rate cup of Joe. Get a life people!

The other morning my co-worker and I were driving to our retail location across town. The main street across town has a Tim Horton's at the end of it and there is always a ridiculous amount of cars lined up at the drive-thru.

We were about a kilometer away from Tim's when we saw the lady in front of us signal to change lanes. The car beside it sped up to make sure not to allow that person in (this is standard ignorant behavior for drivers in Brandon). Then, just as the lady was about to change lanes, the next car sped up to close the space in order to keep this poor woman from getting in front. I hate that! As a joke I said, "She's just trying to keep her from getting in front of her in the Tim's lineup."

We watched this lady make their way along 18th street. She was driving like a stock car racer, weaving in and out of traffic, and sure as shit when we got to Tim Horton's she turned in and got into the drive-thru lane. I guess when you gotta have a fix of "Timmies" you can't let anything get in your way. You'd think that if she needed her coffee that badly she would have gone into the store instead of waiting in the lineup for 20 minutes. I guess the risk to her safety and the safety of those around her aren't worth as much as shaving off 15 seconds of waiting in the drive-thru.

Dumb bitch!

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