Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who Do These Annoying Kids Belong To!?

When I used to come home from work the kids would run to the door shouting, "Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home!"

Somewhere along the lines this behavior has changed slightly. Now when I come home I'm greeted with, "Can we...something?!"

Usually something like, "Can we go to the park?", "Can we have McDonalds?!", "Can we go to the library?!" Whatever!! No hello's or hi's, just straight into the gimme, gimme, gimme.

They must think that if they blindside me right away, I won't know what hit me and I'll just say yes. Usually this tactic results in a "No". But saying no doesn't mean anything to these kids. They will hear no ten times and still keep asking, like it was the first time. Hell, even if you say yes they keep asking over and over again. I keep telling them that the more they bug me about something the less likely it is that I will says yes. But they don't learn. They never learn.

When I'm not getting that greeting, I'm getting the instant tattling. "Guess what (insert name) did?" "(insert name) broke this!" "(insert name) made a mess of (insert object/room)!" Nine times out of ten I'm way more annoyed by the tattling than by the crime that is being reported.

My Grandma always used to say, "Nobody likes a tattle tale". And now I see where she was coming from. I can't stand the tattling, but unfortunately, it seems it's one of the kids favorite thing to do to pass the time!

The kids will be upstairs doing whatever it is the kids do upstairs and I'll hear one of them blurt out, "I'm telling!! DaaaaAAAAd!!!" Boy do I hate those words. I bet I hear them 20 times a day (AT LEAST). They almost sing it out like some kind of warning to the other sister. Even more annoying, they do it as a bluff to each other. They aren't even interested in tattling, they're just trying to fake a sister out!! It wouldn't be so bad if it was just one of them, or even just two of them, but it's all three. All three kids, upstairs, yelling "DaaaaAAAAd!" Like some kind of sick, demented choir.

I hope they don't do that kind shit when they're at school!

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Lance said...

Man, do I understand this post. I'm fortunate enough to still get the super-excited greetings sometimes, but those are mostly from my youngest (4 with older siblings 6 and 8). Unfortunately, the other kind of greetings also occur when I get up and at random points during the day. Sometimes I should just stay in bed.