Monday, May 07, 2007

Reckless Fun Vs Responsible Adult

Last week I found this series of videos on YouTube.

They are obviously inspired by Jackass, in fact they even use the same song in one of the clips. The best thing about these guys is that they are all Brandon boys. After watching all of the clips I have two totally different perspectives in regards to these antics.

On one hand, speaking as a parent, I think they are acting totally irresponsibly and that the police should be notified.

Not only are these kids driving around recklessly and damaging public property, they are terrorizing the good people of Brandon and are not being held responsible for their deeds. They are wreaking havoc all over town and are also flaunting the fact that they are drinking and doing drugs. They seem to think there is something humorous about violent behavior. I'm sure they think they are pretty funny and having a really great time, but why do they have to do it at the expense of others? These guys will not be satisfied until someone is seriously injured or killed.

On the other hand I think it is AWESOME!

I know that if I was in my early twenties I'd be doing the exact same shit! I rolled with the skater punk crowd. We drank and smoked dope all the time and we were always up for doing some stupid shit. If we had to wreck somebodies stuff to have a laugh, that was a price we were willing to pay. The only difference between those guys and us was that we didn't have Jackass to inspire us to be more creative with our stupidity. There isn't a single stunt listed that I wouldn't have personally taken part in. My philosophy in those days was, "It's not wrong until you get arrested." It brings to mind memories of getting really loaded and going on a thin ice walk at Oak Lake (with a stolen boat to be used as a life raft once we broke through) and Frisbee pigeon hunting at the Town Centre.

It's not often you see something that makes you shake your head in disgust while thinking, "Ahh, those were the days."

Good job boys!

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