Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Of The Neighbors

About a month ago our drunken neighbors bought a new car. New to them, at least. It's big ole Mercury Grand Marquis.

For years they have been borrowing our vehicle. Not so much borrowing it as bumming rides and asking Jules to run errands for them (trips to the liquor store). Now, finally, they have purchased a car of their own.

I guess when they found out that they were moving, getting wheels became a real priority as they wouldn't have a handy neighbor to use as a personal taxi service. Now they'll be able to drive themselves around town. Or so you would think.

Like I said earlier, they've had the car for about a month now. I honestly haven't seen them drive it once! They are still asking for rides everywhere!

The first weekend they had the car they called to get Jules to drive Mr. Neighbor to the liquor store because he needed to pick up some boxes for packing. He couldn't drive himself because he was too hung over! I bet he wasn't too hung over to pick up a case of beer and a box of wine while he was there though. I have come to the conclusion that they will never be sober enough to drive their car.

The other day they called in the middle of the afternoon. As usual, I didn't answer (nine times out of ten I don't). Ten minutes later I saw Mr. Neighbor getting into a taxi. Ooops too drunk to drive to the liquor store again. Useless!! Their car is nothing more than a lawn ornament. I suppose when they move Jules will have to drive the car over to the new place for them and I can follow along to give her a ride back home.

Moving?? What's this about moving??

That's right. They're moving!

For the last three years the landlords have been telling them that they want to tear down that house and that they should really look for another place. In fact they even called them a couple of times this year and told them to come and look at some of their other rental properties. The neighbors couldn't take the hint and finally the landlords gave them a months notice in the middle of April. They didn't throw them out into the streets either, the landlord came to their house and drove them to another property that he owned and the neighbors ended up taking it. No problem right?

Wrong! Was there ever a shit storm going on later THAT day!! You wouldn't believe the reaction. They were pissed off!! Mr. Neighbor told me what happened and at the end of it he said to me, "Some notice, hey?"

Was he serious?? How could he have been surprised?! They've know, and we've known, that this was coming for years!! They're just lucky the landlords were nice enough to get them set up with a new place instead of throwing them out altogether, because they never would have found a place on their own. Too Drunk!!

When they move we will get their back yard as our back yard, which will be awesome. Finally a fenced in yard for the kids to play in. So basically, I'm just licking my chops waiting for them to go.

Moving day for them was May 2nd. Do you think they moved? Hell no!! Who has time to pack when you spend the last couple of weeks drinking and screaming at each other all day. So now they are supposed to be moving this week but I'm not holding my breath.

They have to be out by May 15th at the latest and I'm betting that will be the day they actually move.

Now what will I write about?

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