Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Haters

I was recently reading a blog about baby haters. After reading the comments, I don't think the problem is at all about people hating babies. I think 90% of the time it's more a case of people who hate ignorant parents. The other 10% are trolls just trying to piss people off.

I am a father of 3 young girls myself, and it seems that I would be classified as a baby hater by a number of these upset parents. But you know what? I like kids just fine.

What I don't have any tolerance for is ignorant parents.

Some parents are so self-absorbed that they believe that having children gives them some kind of entitlement. They think that having kids makes them "special". They no longer need to be considerate of anybody else but you'd better be considerate of them otherwise you will be labeled a "baby hater". I don't care who you are, nobody wants to listen to a baby in a movie theater, nobody wants to eat dinner next to kids who act like animals and nobody wants to smell your baby's shit.

There is nothing more annoying than sitting next to a table of kids that are running around like animals at a restaurant while their parents sit and eat their meal and carry on their conversations as if nothing is happening at all. If you are looking for a playground/restaurant where you don't have to watch your kids then take them to McDonald's. Don't ruin dinner for an entire room full of diners and then have the nerve to say they must hate kids when they give you the greasy eye. I have no problem at all with kids who are well behaved in a restaurant. Hell, all I ask is that the parents show some kind of effort to keep their kids under control. Kids are kids and sometimes they act up but at least the parent can deal with the situation instead of ignoring it and expecting everyone else to do the same.

Another thing I can't stand are the parents who block an entire supermarket aisle with their SUV-sized strollers and then get all bent out of shape when you bump their stroller as you try to squeeze by. I hate these people just as much as I hate people who block off an aisle with 2 shopping carts while they chat with their friends. It has nothing to do with the children. I hate all aisle blockers equally.

I bet there are a lot of dog lovers out there who wouldn't want to have a dog constantly barking outside their window and shitting on their yard. This doesn't make them any less of a dog lover does it? Again the problem lies with the lack of consideration portrayed by the person who is supposed to be responsible.

One last thing.

I really hate when I'm standing next to a mother and her baby and she starts playing some kind of cutesy baby game and tries to involve me. News Flash! I know you think you have the cutest, smartest, funniest, whatever baby in the world, but you don't. The truth is the only one that thinks this is you and maybe your family and friends. To the rest of the world you are just a plain lady with a plain baby. Besides I've seen the cutest, smartest, funniest babies in the world already. Mine.

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