Monday, July 30, 2007

Biology Lessons Around the Campfire

Camping is fun. Taking a crap when camping is not.

Although the bathrooms at the campground do come with flush-toilets they are by no means luxury units. First of all, they are public washrooms and that alone is a big issue for me and my bowels. Secondly, they come with that giant, two-foot radius, one-ply toilet paper roll that feels like you are wiping with a sheet of loose leaf. Thirdly they still have that authentic camping-style outhouse smell (I don't know how they do it). Lastly they are crawling with bugs. Moths, mosquitoes, spiders, flies. You name it they've got it.

Personally I prefer to spend as little time in there as possible. Jules has a similar inclination towards the facilities.

So, as we were wrapping up our camping trip last week, the family was sitting around bragging to each other about how few times we had to go #2 over the four days while we were there.

"I haven't gone once since we've been here!" said Jules.

I replied with a touch of shame, "I did yesterday...but that's it!"

"Hey #1! How many times have you done the deed since we've been here?"

"Two times. The other day and last night."

"You went last night?"

"Yeah. I had to go pee and I held it too long and it turned into poo."

So that's how it works!

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