Friday, July 13, 2007

Breaking News! Nutritious Snacks!

Jules just called me at work to say that she was going to be on the evening news.

Her and #2 and #3 were at the water park when a reporter for the local news came by doing a story on child nutrition. They talked to Jules about the importance of nutritious snacks for kids and then wanted to see what she had brought for the kids and film some footage of these snacks. She fed them some BS about how providing nutritious snacks for the kids is very important to her and gave some examples like carrot sticks and celery sticks and such. She even did it with a straight face.

As I'm listening to this I'm getting a feeling of dread. Oh No! What kind of snacks did they find? I'm thinking candy, chips, cookies, you know good stuff. Luckily, today they were actually having nutritious snacks. Bottles of water,strawberries and crackers. Whew! That's a relief. It's a good thing they didn't do that last weekend when the snacks were a bag of Zesty Cheese Crunchies, a bag of ketchup chips, a bag of rippled chips and a few Double Lollies.

Now, at least, the news watching public of Brandon will have the illusion that we are very conscientious when it comes to nutrition. We'll have to record that news segment so we can prove to our friends and family just how much nutrition means to us.

Fools!! If they only knew. Mwah ha ha ha!

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