Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Office Halloween Party?!

This year at work someone had the bright idea that we should have a Halloween party. It was brought up at our last team meeting. Our team decided that we would close the doors at 3:30 on Halloween and all go up to the boardroom and have pizza and wear costumes until we close at 5:00. Yay fun.

As usual, I thought it was a stupid idea. I told them right away that I had no intention dressing up. They tried to threaten me by saying that if I didn't dress up I couldn't come for pizza. I thought that sounded like a great idea but then they took back the threat when they realized it only further encouraged me not to dress up.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any lamer...last week someone thought it would be a cool idea if we rented a scary movie to watch. WTF? Are we in grade 6 here? What's next? A round of heads-up-seven-up?

We then needed 4 days to decide which movie to watch. In the end they picked Planet Terror, a movie I just watched last weekend.

I don't know how this idea ever got approved. At this point I'm looking for any excuse to miss this awesome time. It's one thing to blow off company time for a Christmas event but to do it in the name of Halloween?? Maybe I'm too cynical, but it all just seems kind of ridiculous to me.

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