Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who Blabbed?!

Yesterday was my 36th Birthday.

It's almost like becoming a double-adult. My second 18. I have been an adult (physically maybe, but definitely not mentally) for over half of my life from this point on.

Every year I go to great pains to make sure that nobody knows that it is my Birthday. I'm just not into doing anything that involves drawing a lot of attention to myself. I much prefer to have a regular day with business as usual. So it's my tradition every year I keep my mouth shut and let the day slide by.

This year I even made sure to edit my Facebook profile and move my Birthday back 4 months so as to avoid alerting anyone on my friend list about the upcoming event. My sister picked up on my deception right away and was considering outing me on my wall but thought better of it. The last thing I need it a bunch of Happy Birthdays on my wall, to which I would then be obligated to return a thanks message. That's right I'm a real Birthday Scrooge. Bah Humbug!

So yesterday I was at work keeping things nice and quiet as usual.

In the afternoon I was taking one of the company vehicles to get an oil change. As I was walking to the car I walked past our retail manager and she said, "Happy Birthday!"

That was odd. How did she know? From my employee records maybe? Oh well not a big deal at least we were outside where no one else could over hear it.

Later on when I was back in my office one of the sales reps from the store called me about some issue. During the conversation this person also said "Happy Birthday."

OK now things were getting strange. There is no way that this person should know that it was my Birthday. There has definitely been some kind of leak.

About 20 minutes before the end of the day, I heard a bit of activity and low-talking in the hallway. I immediately went on high alert. I noticed that it seemed they were trying to round up the staff. All of the staff except me, that is.

Oh Crap! The jig was up. They were on to me!

I had just enough time to call out, "Hey! What's going on out there?" before everyone in the building burst into my doorway with a card and cupcakes, singing Happy Birthday.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I try to keep my Birthday hidden. I truly hate that kind of thing.

It turns out the comptrollers assistant had gone through the employment records and marked her calendar with all of the staff Birthdays.

Curses! This was the first year since I started working here that I wasn't able to sneak by unnoticed and by the looks of things I won't be able to sneak by anymore.

Next year I'm calling in sick.

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