Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Without A Santa Claus?

First it was parents taking away their kids candy on Halloween. Now this lame Mom has decided to take Santa out of her family's Christmas celebration. Why are miserable parents so obsessed with making the holidays miserable for their kids?

Judging by the article there are a few reasons.

The first reason was definitely the most shallow:

"If I spend hours finding, wrapping and presenting a series of gifts to my child, then I would like her to know they are from me."

Oh My God! She is upset because she wants all of the credit for the gifts!? What a fucking Glory Hog. You wouldn't want to have to share any of the gratitude with that thunder-stealing bastard Santa Claus. That is so petty and self-indulgent it's sickening.

The second reason is just plain lame.

She said that Santa is used solely as a threat to make kids behave all year. I guess there is some kind of law in place that says if you want to perpetuate the Santa myth, then you also must threaten your kids with lumps of coal if they misbehave. Maybe someone should get her a book that explains how all of this works. That she doesn't HAVE to incorporate the threats. Santa can be whatever you want him to be. Do you know why? Because you are Santa and it's make believe.

And the third reason, which is likely the biggest reason. Claus-aphobia.

She was afraid of Santa herself, and probably still is to a degree, so she decided to project her own irrational fear on to her daughter. I guess she assumes that if she was afraid of Santa herself, then it would only make sense that all children MUST fear Santa.

Get a grip! Since the Santa experience was ruined for her she feels that it's necessary to go ahead and ruin it for her kid. It sounds like she's trying to start up her own family tradition doesn't it? And what a swell tradition it is.

Finally she just doesn't want to lie to her child. Well isn't that a noble gesture. 3 gold stars for this Mom. I hope her kid doesn't come up to Mom at the age of 4 and ask if she is going to die.

"Yes honey you are going to die. But don't worry you're father and I will probably die first. But there is no guarantee, little kids die every day. Now run and play."

Lighten up Mom!

Get down off of your pedestal and add a little magic to your Christmas. If not for your own sake, then for the sake of your child. You only have a few precious years to enjoy the magic of Santa with your child and then the opportunity is lost forever. Don't waste these years!

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