Monday, December 17, 2007

Facebook Can Suck My Balls!

Today I finally deactivated my Facebook account. As far as I'm concerned Facebook can suck my balls.

I used to like Facebook when it was a site for keeping in touch with friends. Then it went and changed. At some point they decided to apply a bunch of useless add-ons to the site at which point it turned into a big, wet sack of shit.

These add-ons, or apps, only made it possible for people to maintain some vague sort of communication with their "friends" without the hassle of actually formulating an idea or thought of their own and putting it into words. That's right, their only purpose is to make it easy for stupid, boring people to give the illusion that they have something interesting to say.

If you think that there is anything even remotely entertaining about these add-ons, please stop reading this blog, wipe the drool from your chin and leave this site. Go back to Facebook and forward some more spam to your friends.

While we're on the subject, can someone tell me what is cool about adding a virtual fish to someones virtual aquarium? "Wow! I haven't spoken to you in 15 years, here's a starfish. Maybe you'd like to come by and pet my virtual monkey."


This kind of thing only tells that you are either too illiterate or too lazy to actually write a message. People can post everyday for months and still not say anything.

I have been asked to add so much bullshit to my profile that I can't even remember it all. Top Friends, Zombie, Super Wall, Likeness, TV Trivia. There are thousands of these apps and they are all garbage.

It seems that the people that love these shitty applications the most are the same people who's idea of keeping in touch is to send out weekly chain emails telling me that Bill Gates wants to send me thousand of dollars to forward an email or that I would have good luck in the next month if I forwarded an email to 20 people (conversely if I didn't forward the email I would be fucked up the ass by a moose).

You know what? I'm barely interested in my friends to begin with so I'm REALLY not interested in being subjected to their constant "e-babble" (I don't know if that's a real term or not but it means any e-greeting, e-mail, text message, post or comment that looks like it should be a message but really has no substance to it. It's the "e-quivalent" of white noise).

I have lost a lot of respect for a lot of people after seeing how they carry themselves of Facebook. These are the people I wanted to keep in touch with, now I just want to keep my distance from them.

So today I decided that I can't take another bite of the giant turd sandwich that is Facebook. You all can just go ahead and eat without me.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one! I was about to write an article which started "Facebook can suck my balls." Well, you've beaten me to it. A fine analysis.