Wednesday, December 05, 2007

He Knows If You've Been Bad!!

I'm pretty sure that #3 is getting a basket of coal for Christmas. She has been nothing but bad lately and frankly I'm getting sick of her shit.

Last weekend I busted her eating a bunch of the chocolates out of her advent calendar. Not only that but she was also stealing the chocolates out of the calendars that belong to #1 and #2. The nerve!

Yesterday was a snow day here in Brandon so the kids got to stay home from school . They had a busy day as I found out when I got off work.

Here is a list of the things they did:
  • Broke the Futon
  • Broke the Toiled Seat
  • Ruined the envelope for the Christmas card I am sending my Grandpa
  • Ate an entire container of cookies
  • Cut the straps on #2's snow pants
  • Ransacked the bathroom closet
  • Pulled down half a dozen Christmas ornaments off the tree and scattered them around the room
  • Ate most of MY chocolates
  • Used up all of the stickers that are used to seal our Christmas envelopes
I'm sure there were other things but if I think about too much steam shoots out of my ears. This was all on top of the regular day-to-day mess they make. I can't blame all of this stuff on #3 but I'm pretty sure she a good deal to do with most of it.

After that bullshit I figured I had better put the Christmas gifts from my parents into our closet for safe keeping. This closet has a lock on the door knob as well as a hook latch at the top. Should be safe right?

Fuck NO!

#3 got into it somehow and ripped open a bunch of presents. She opened one of hers, one of #1's, one of #2's and one for Jules. She went into the closet took the presents out and opened them beside our bed. Jules found her gift, a gift card, sitting on the stairs!

What is wrong with this kid?

I'm sure she'll blab to the other 2 about what they got. She can't just ruin shit for herself she has to ruin it for everybody else too.

If that had been a gift from me you could be guaranteed that I would have take it away and give it to someone else, but it was from my parents. As it is #3 is going to be spending her evenings and weekends beside me. She can't be trusted to be out of sight.

I hope all that coal she gets doesn't make too big of a mess on our living room floor!

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