Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stupid Christmas Shopping!

Last weekend I bought my parents their Christmas gifts. This was great because I usually have a terrible time trying to figure out what to get them.

This year I found a really great deal on a book for my Dad. It was a book of rare JFK photos (My Dad is a big fan of JFK). The regular price of the book was $70 but it was on sale for $15. I also got my Mom a book and a book of crossword puzzles. I took my purchases home and wrapped them up right away.

This was an unprecedented occurrence. Usually I'm still agonizing over their gifts around the 23rd of December so I was quite pleased with myself for getting them taken care of so early.

Yesterday my sister and I went in to Winnipeg for my Dads retirement party and we had a couple of hours to spend at my parents house before it was time to go. While we were sitting there my Dad showed me a couple of books he was reading, knowing that I would find them interesting.

The first one was about Lee Harvey Oswald and the second was a book about JFK before he started his career in politics. As I was looking these books over I was becoming even more pleased with my choice of gift. He was actively reading JFK books right now! This was perfect.

As I was browsing the JFK book I pointed out the lack of photos. At this point he says, "Oh you want pictures? Take a look at this" and he reached down beside his chair a passes me the book that I had just bought him for Christmas.


I didn't say anything about it, but it was such a disappointment. In all honesty I'm actually relieved that I found out before I gave it to him for Christmas. At least now he won't get something he already has.

Oh well I guess I'll be getting a book of rare JFK photos for Christmas. Luckily I share this interest with my Dad.

So now I was back to square one. I then started scanning around the house, half expecting to see the gifts I bought for my Mom lying on another coffee table or something. While I was doing this I noticed that they had finally broken down and bought a DVD player. Ah Ha! Last year I was thinking about getting my Dad "A Hard Day's Night" on DVD but couldn't do it because they didn't have a DVD player yet.

Just to be sure he didn't already have it I mentioned that it was supposed to be on TV this weekend. Instead of reaching down beside himself and pulling it out like a rabbit out of a hat he started searching for it in the TV guide and the programming guide on the cable box. It seems we have a winner!

Of coarse now that I've mentioned the movie he's probably out buying it right now!

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