Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rebranding the Kids!

After much deliberation I have decided to give my kids all new blog names.

At first I thought I would use the "Little Miss..." series of books to come up with names but none of them really worked for me. There were a couple that were just aight (as Randy Jackson would say).

Next I thought I would use the names of Muppets. After all the kids and the Muppets are quite alike. They are both small, noisy creatures with flailing arms. However when I started to look at a list of Muppet characters, I noticed that there were very few females. I guess The Muppet Show wasn't an equal opportunity employer. Who knew that the Muppets were anti-woman?

Finally I settled on song titles. There are literally millions of song titles to choose from. Surely I can come up with something that would stand up to the levels of mediocrity that people have come to expect from AverageLifeSpam. So without further adieu, I re-introduce the kids.

From this day forward (or until I get hard pressed for a blogging topic) the child formally known as #1 shall be referred to as "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". You only have to talk to this kid for a few minutes to appreciate just how appropriate that name really is.

#2 shall hereby be dubbed, "Let's Go Crazy". This kid is like Jekyll and Hyde. At school she is quiet and introverted. At home she is a raving lunatic. She make stupid noises, yells, dances and generally just acts like a mental case all the time. She kind of reminds me of myself!

Then there is #3. She looks sweet and innocent on the outside but don't let that fool you. She's got some serious bad in her and when you make her angry she gives off an icy glare that can freeze your soul. The other kids call it her 'Evil Stare'. She shall be called "Devil Or Angel" after the song by Bobby Vee.

So, there you have it. New names! Wow! It almost feels like I have brand new kids!

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