Monday, February 25, 2008

Rocking It, New School!!

Last weekend "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" got Guitar Hero for her Birthday. Her Birthday isn't for a couple of weeks yet but we got her her gift early. Why? Because we couldn't wait to play with it!

Jules and I agreed on the idea of getting her a guitar and Guitar Hero III. So on Friday she took the kids to the store to pick it up. She came back with the guitar and all three versions of Guitar Hero.

I was torn about this turn of events. On the one hand I was thinking, "AAAAARGH! Why are we spending $150 on a Birthday gift for a 10 year old." I never got any $150 Birthday presents when I was a kid! Do you know what I got for my 16th Birthday? A clock radio!! Have you ever tried to drive a clock radio to school?? It sucks!!

Then, on the other hand, I was thinking SWEEEEET! Even More Guitar Hero!!

I started spreading the word around the office about my new found Guitar Hero wealth and I could see the envy in my co-workers eyes. Well, 2 of my co-workers anyway. I guess the other just don't "Get It".

So I got home Friday evening and there was "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" perched on a dining room chair a foot away from the TV shredding some tasty licks on her new ax.

I felt like one of the kids. It took all of my self control to keep from jumping up and down, whining, "My Turn! My Turn! My Turn!". I had to play it cool. Pretend like I didn't care.

I stood back and watched "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" play a couple of songs before my will broke and I asked to take a turn.

It was my very first time playing Guitar Hero and it showed. Since I play a real guitar I had a bit of a problem adjusting to the strumming style. I got booed off the stage a couple of times before "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" told my how to strum properly. After that I couldn't be stopped.

I love that game.

I've yet to sit down and play. If I'm going to rock out I have to be standing. How can you possibly be expected to do any high kicks and knee slides when you're sitting down?? Do you know how Jules prefers to rock out? Lying on the couch under an afghan. I tried to tell her that it's physically impossible to rock out under an afghan but she didn't believe me.

Another great thing about GH is that it introduces the kids to some good rock music (not a single Hannah Montana song). And they like it. They spend far too much time listening to top 40 bullshit right now so it's good for them to hear some good tunes by bands like Sabbath, Slayer, Maiden and Pantera.

I'm taking this opportunity to announce my brand new concert tour for 2008. The tour name is "Rocking the Living Room '08". It's a bare bones circuit. No tour shirts. No album. No Ticket Master. Just me, GH and a lot of High Voltage Rock.

Oh yeah! If I come across just one green M&M in my dressing room, I swear to God I will trash my own house. Don't test me! That's just how us rockers roll!! We're a fickle bunch.

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