Monday, March 03, 2008

I Can't Concentrate With All That Thinking Going On!

Last weekend I was going about my chores while 'Let's Go Crazy' and 'Devil Or Angel' played a little Guitar Hero in multi player mode.

The entire time they were playing I could hear them bickering back and forth as they always do.

It was all the standard stuff. "Get out of the Way! I can't see!" "Stop talking!" "Don't bump into me!" All the excuses they use to blame each other for their poor performance in the game.

Then I heard 'Let's Go Crazy' really grasping for straws. She yelled to me, "'Devil Or Angel' is talking in her head!!"

My first thought was 'What a crazy thing to say!!' What's next?

"I missed getting star power thanks to the beating of her hideous heart!! Make it stop!!" Oddly, that wouldn't be too much of a stretch for 'Let's Go Crazy'.

I was momentarily at a loss. What was she wanting from me in this situation?? I assume she was expecting me to clamp down on 'Devil Or Angel' for thinking so noisily.

I decided to play along.

"That's enough 'Devil Or Angel', 'Let's Go Crazy' can't play when you talk in your head so just stop it!" Then I left the room.

A few seconds later I came back and acted as if I'd caught 'Devil Or Angel' red handed. "Hey you're still doing it! I told you No Talking In Your Head!"

Then we had a good laugh about 'Let's Go Crazy's' desperate attempt to blame 'Devil Or Angel' for her own poor Guitar Hero skills.

Although it was no excuse for a bad game, I really like the idea of acting like you are annoyed by the thoughts going on in other peoples heads.

From now on, when things are real quiet at the office I'm going to break the silence by asking a random coworker to please refrain from talking in their head.

I wonder if anyone will try?

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