Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Time Again!

Last week was "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong's" Birthday. She turned 10.

Wow!! Ten years. It's crazy how fast the time goes by.

This year she got a bunch of stuff. We got her the Guitar Hero trilogy and the wireless guitar a couple of weeks ago. She also got a game for her DS and $100 gift card for Walmart.

What else did she get?? Oh yeah! She got a sprained ankle. She gave that to herself when she was jumping up and down on the snow fort and it caved in under her. She got it a few days early but she was still able to enjoy in on her Birthday.

She got a couple of things from her friend Kate from down the road. Kate got her some Hannah Montana stuff and one other thing that all girls want for their 10th Birthday. Lice!

I wish I was joking about the lice but I'm not. WTF is the deal here!? This is the second time that she has brought lice into our house in the last 2 months. It was caught quickly by Jules. Not only did she treat our kids but she treated Kate as well. Then she got to go through the process of cleaning bedding and clothes and that kind of thing. What better way to spend the day?

I went through my entire school career without seeing lice once. NOT ONCE. This is the third time in a year and a half for us. What are these kids doing at school anyway. Are they playing musical hats or something?? Blah! I can't begin to emphasize how much we don't need lice at our house.

Back to the Birthday stuff!

Saturday night "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" had a sleepover party with one friend from school and Kate. Kate had to pass a lice check first before being admitted!

The party began at 4:00 Saturday afternoon and ended at 11:00 on Sunday morning. With daylight savings beginning that night we got off an hour early. We were thinking! I guess Kates invitation must have been a misprint because she came over at 11:00 Saturday morning and stayed until 3:00 Sunday afternoon.

The friend from school, who I'll call "Mouth", has been an on again, off again friend of "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" since kindergarten. I don't even know why they are friends. They fight constantly and I can understand why. "Mouth" is a know-it-all, bossy little brat. Which, under normal circumstances, is fine, however "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" is the same way. When they get together there are major problems. They can't both know it all and they can't both be the boss.

The party started with a little dressing up and a little make up. Things were going smoothly. No fighting so far.

We then ordered some pizza for supper. All of the kids wanted pepperoni. That is, all the kids except for "Mouth". She had to have Hawaiian. What a pain in the ass!! So we ended up getting one Hawaiian and one pepperoni. I'm not a fan of the Hawaiian pizza so this meant that me and 4 kids were going to share the pepperoni and Jules and "Mouth" would share the Hawaiian.

When the pizza arrived "Mouth" decided that she was going to eat the pepperoni pizza after all. That was just great, now I get to eat the shitty Hawaiian one!! Fucking kid!!

After supper I noticed that there was a bunch of blue stuff in "Angel Or Devil's" hair. "What is that?" I asked, even though I had a pretty good idea what it was. "Nail Polish."

I guess "Mouth" thought it was a pretty good idea. Fucking idiot! Off to the bath for "Angel Or Devil".

When I came downstairs "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" told me that "Mouth" thought she was a mermaid. At this point I couldn't care less about "Mouth". "Mouth" then told me how she was drinking water with a bunch of salt in it (I guess that was proof that she was indeed a mermaid). I don't know if I was supposed to be impressed or something but I wasn't in the least.

It was at around this point when I went upstairs. I was done with "Mouth". I didn't even want to look at the kid.

She never did make it through the sleep over. Her and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" ended up having a fight and "Mouth" wanted to go home. Her Dad came and picked her up just before midnight. I had a little celebration.

"Great!! Now I don't have to deal with her in the morning!!"

The next day we had a nice morning and a nice breakfast without the pleasure of "Mouth" the mermaid.

This kind of thing really made me appreciate how good a friend Kate is to "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". I'd rather have 5 Kates at my house than one "Mouth". Lice and all!

Well maybe not the lice.

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Kris said...

You know what my favorite thing about that post was? When you called the 10 year old girl a "fucking idiot".
I'm going to be laughing at that all week.