Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day??

Apparently yesterday was Father's Day and I can say for a fact that it was not a very special day for this Dad! On the other hand it turned out to be a pretty relaxing day for Mom.

In fact the only reason I know that it was Father's Day is because I got a round of hugs and a couple of verbal "Happy Father's Days" at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I celebrated the day by getting up at 9:00 after listening to the kids yell and scream from the next room for half an hour. As I was getting dressed Jules, who had gotten up a couple of hours earlier to watch a move, returned to bed. Oh well nice seeing you!

I got to work fixing breakfast for my 3 kids plus one extra who was sleeping over. I also helped myself to some laundry while the kids watched whatever they liked on TV and tidied up the mess that was left from the night before. All this time I was expecting someone to realize what day it was and say "Happy Father's Day Dad!!" but there wasn't a single peep from anyone.

Then our sleepover guest went home and I made the kids some lunch and put together a grocery shopping list. While I was making my list there was a commercial about Father's Day on TV and the kids were all watching it. I thought for sure this would trigger a response but it didn't. I was trying to decide what to make myself for my special Father's Day dinner and decided that I would give myself the night off of cooking and order pizza. It's the least I could do for myself.

At around 12:30 I had my list written out and I was ready to head to the store with "Let's Go Crazy" to do the shopping for the week. As I was getting my bank card from by bedroom Jules started to stir from her nap.

When I got home I was in a big rush to put all the groceries away because the kids I had mentioned that I would take the kids to the park and they were harassing me incessantly.

It was at this time that Jules pointed out that it was Father's Day. Everyone just kind of stood around for a minute until Jules told the kids to give me a hug. To be fair "Let's Go Crazy" and "Devil or Angel" both gave me their Father's Day gifts on Friday when I got home from work. They have a little problem with holding in a surprise! "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" embarrassedly (is that a word?) admitted that she forgot the gift she'd made at school, which is fine by me.

Once this formality was done with I loaded the kids up and headed to the park for a while, where I ended up entertaining my own 3 kids as well as 3 other kids who weren't even mine! We played at the park for an hour or so and then headed back home.

I then went to work and folded a load of laundry and cycled the next load. I told Jules that my plan for dinner was ordering pizza. She went for her shower, placed the order for the pizza and then laid in our room to watch a movie. About an hour later the pizza arrived and I found that Jules would not be joining us for dinner because she was in bed sleeping again. So the kids and I ate our Father's Day dinner by ourselves.

After dinner I went outside and did a little weeding in the garden and mowed the lawn while the kids rode around on their bikes. When this was done I went inside and called my Dad to wish him a happy Father's Day. While I was on the phone Jules returned to the downstairs from her nap and had some left over pizza. "Let's Go Crazy" then proceeded to have a minor melt down because she didn't want to have a bath unless someone watched her!!

I got off the phone and immediately got on the bath situation. While this was going on Jules called upstairs to say that she was going for a walk around the block. She didn't return until around 9:30. This gave me plenty of time to finish up my Father's Day by cleaning up the downstairs, making the kids lunches and doing the dishes before getting the kids to bed.

Realizing that this day was not going to be getting any better I decided to go to bed early.

You know, I don't mind not getting any gifts for Father's Day, in fact I prefer it, but it would be nice to get a little help around the house or have dinner with the entire family or even just a bit of acknowledgment that it was in fact a special day for Dad.

I have to say that this day was the most disappointing Father's Day I've ever experienced. I just hope nobody at work asks me about it. I'd have to make something up to avoid the embarrassment what really happened.

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