Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm not usually the type of guy who watches sports on TV. In fact I don't often discuss sports or follow sports. Don't get me wrong, I like playing sports just fine. I just don't have the time or interest to sit down and watch them or follow them closely.

Football is alright but I can only bring myself to actually sit down and watch the Super Bowl and possibly the Grey Cup game, depending on the teams involved. I just can't handle the ridiculous action to no-action ratio involve with football. You get to watch 2-5 seconds of action followed by a couple of minutes of shots of the sidelines, commercials and replays.

Baseball? It's a good game and I love to play it myself but it is so fucking boring to watch!! There are way to many breaks in this sport. The pitcher feels the need to stand on the mound and fuck around for 3 minutes before every single pitch. They break for 5-10 minutes every half inning. And when they start swapping out pitchers for every batter near the end of the game it makes me want to start punching myself in the face. "Come On Already!! I've Got Shit To Do Today!!"

Basketball does nothing for me. I don't understand the popularity of this sport at all. I've never sat through an entire basketball game and I hope I never have to. When you have a sport where the scores are reaching into the 100's it's time to re-evaluate the rules. How can you still be excited when your team scores that 97th point??

Soccer is OK but I don't like the idea of not knowing when a game is going to end. What's with that? The clock counts down to zero yet the game keeps going then all of a sudden it's over at some, seemingly, random time??

NASCAR. WTF is that all about??? I'd rather watch curling or golf. Fuck, I'd sooner tune in to a marathon than watch NASCAR.

Hockey is about the only sport that I enjoy watching!! It's got a bit of everything. Hitting, fighting, guys swinging sticks around, sharp metal blades worn on the feet. Now that's a sport!!

When NHL playoffs begin I'm usually glued to the TV for every game I can watch until the Stanley Cup has been won. This year was an exception.

The playoff started off on a good note. My Bruins finally made it into the playoffs this year and they were up against one of my most hated teams the Montreal Canadiens. When Boston was knocked out in the first round it kind of put a damper on my playoff enthusiasm.

Oh well, I could still cheer for whoever was playing against Montreal! I've found that cheering against a team works just as well as cheering for a team. Usually I cheer for Boston and Calgary and I cheer against Vancouver and Montreal.

Since Calgary and Boston were sent packing in the first round I was only really interested in the Montreal-Philly series. Once the Flyers beat Montreal I had nobody left to cheer for (or against) so I pretty much stopped watching after the second round.

Then on Monday I tuned in to the Detroit-Pittsburgh game just to see if Detroit was going to finish it up and was immediately drawn back into the playoffs.

What a great game! Within the first 5 minutes after tuning in I saw Gonchar eat a face full of boards and Malone take a wicked slap shot to the face, breaking his nose! Now that's entertainment! This game was full of great intensity and very few whistles! It ended up going into a third overtime period and was eventually won by the Penguins.

This was great for me because I really don't care which team wins and it gives me a chance to watch another game of that caliber! I'll be tuning in tonight and if need be on Saturday night.

Nothing beats the excitement of sudden death playoff action!!


Heather said...

I HATE watching sports on tv. Nothing makes me want to gouge out my eyes like a game on tv. But when I was in high school I went to all the home games, and when I was married to my first husband we went to a lot of Cincinnati Cyclones hockey games (we stopped doing that because some kid through gum in my hair and it pissed me off). It's not really about the sport being played, but the crowd and the drinks and hotdogs and everyone cheering, etc. Now that can be fun even if you don't like the game. =D

Kris said...

Yeah, I'll watch just about any sport "live", but on TV? No thanks. Hockey is the sometime exception, but like you, I lost interest when the Bruins got knocked out. At least they took it to game 7.