Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On the Verge

Right now in Brandon, Manitoba we are on the verge of winter. Last week we got a big dump of snow and temperature of -30 celcius with the windchill. Since then things have warmed up a bit and the majority of the snow has since melted and temperatures are hovering around the zero mark.

Personally, I say make with the snow already. Give me a couple of feet all at once and I'm a happy guy. When Halloween is finished with, I'm ready for winter. Once the snow falls we can start the winter activities, like sledding, skating and shovelling.

I just checked the weather and saw that there is no major snow expected for the next week. Sigh!

It's only Wednesday? It feels like it should be at least Thurday, if not Friday by now. Everyone at home is starting a long weekend after today except me. Jerks!

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